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* West of the A12
** North of the A12 and as far east as A114 Whipps Cross Road

Order Minimum: Two Tub Minimum Delivery: £3.95

NOTE! Unfortunately we will not be doing deliveries on Friday 23rd June. If you would like a London delivery during the week of 19-25th June, please order through our partners at &Dine - @anddinecooking

Deliveries go out every Friday afternoon between 1-6pm. A smaller window can be given on the day. 

Leave us a message at Checkout if there are times to avoid and we will do our very best. Better still, if you have a friendly neighbour who won't eat your ice cream while you're out, tell us about them too!

The cut off for Friday delivery is Thursday at 18:00.


Head to: &Dine to place your order ~

You can also find us on @DELLI


If you live outside London, head to our delivery partners and pals at

You'll find us in the Dessert section... of course!

We have worked with HomeCooks since Spring 2020 when they started out as a small Lockdown startup in our local neighbourhood. All the chefs are genuinely small batch producers and so by buying from them you really will be supporting local. And of course, eating very well in the process.