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Wecome to Jai's Ice Cream!

We make super creamy and utterly delicious ice creams with beautiful, natural ingredients. We churn in small batches to keep the quality high, and we bake, make, stir, bubble, sieve and strain everything in-house to ensure no nasties creep onto the ingredients list!

We use free-range Cornish egg yolks, fresh fruits, Callebaut chocolate and fresh, cows milk and cream. We also add a little all-natural enzyme magic to the break down the sugars in the lactose.

The result is that our luxurious ice creams are lactose free. This is great for three reasons:

Firstly, if you're one of the 70% of people who struggle with lactose, you are on safe ground with us, while not missing out on the deliciousness of dairy!

Secondly, when developing our recipes, we actively avoided whey powders and skimmed milk powders and other lactose-heavy bulking ingredients. The result is our ice creams are never ‘claggy’. By avoiding the lactose, we were driven to use a smaller, simpler set of fresh ingredients, and this has resulted, we think, in an even more deliciously creamy and clean dairy taste.

Thirdly, when you break down the sugars in milk and cream, it results in sweeter-tasting dairy without adding any sugar. This means, you guessed it, that we can reduce the amount of sugar we add to our ice creams without any impact on the taste. As we always aim for restrained sweetness in all of our flavours anyway, this is a rather marvellous additional bonus.

We hope you love eating our ice creams as much as we enjoy making them!

Here are a handful of comments from the Great Taste judges over the last 2 years to play you out...

Ceylon Cinnamon ~ 2 Stars 2022
A delightful ice cream with a rich texture. The cinnamon is perfectly judged and arrives in layers. It is not too sweet, instead, balanced and refined. A truly wonderful product.

Caramel Peanut Brittle ~ 2 Stars 2021
An indulgent smooth and creamy ice cream. Undoubtedly quality ingredients were used here which translated into a delicious ice cream.

Strawberry Buttermilk ~ 1 Star 2021
A real taste of English summer in a cup. The roasting of the strawberries had obviously heightened the flavour and the buttermilk ensured it was not cloying or heavy. A delicious ice cream.

Raspberry Fool ~ 1 Star 2021
The raspberry content is obviously high and the quality of the ingredients used in the ice cream itself was apparent. It was smooth and creamy but not cloying in anyway, allowing the raspberries to take centre stage.

Rich Coffee ~ 2 Stars 2022
We loved the rich coffee aroma of this ice cream and the texture was super soft, with a luscious and creamy mouthfeel. A deliciously creamy dairy ice-cream. Well made and great use of dairy products.

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